What are Cells?

Cells are what make up all living things.  They are the building blocks of life.  Plant and animal are built up of cells that are stuck together.

Structure of Animal and Plant Cells

It is important that you know the structure of animal and plant cells and are able to label the different parts. It is a favourite with examiners to have diagrams of cells requiring labelling in exams




There are many similarities and differences between animal and plant cells
Make sure you know these.

Similarities Differences
1. Have a nucleus 1.  Plant cells have a cellulose cell wall
2. Have a cytoplasm 2.  Plant cells have a vacuole containing cell sap
3. Have a cell membrane 3.  Plant cells have chloroplast
4. Contain mitochondria 4.  Many plant cells have a box-like shape whilst animal cell shape varies
5. Contain ribosomes 5.  Plant cells have the nucleus to the side of the cell, animal cells have a nucleus in the middle